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When you join the Knowledge Seekers, you gain access to curated content that helps you and your team master prospect research. We take complex topics and create learning aids that act as reference sheets long after the first time you need it. From infographics such as Anatomy of a Proxy to Pivot Table Excel video tutorials to calculating gift capacity in Excel, we have resources to help.

At the Prospect Research Institute we believe in sharing content with the fundraising community. That’s why we remain committed to having a free membership level filled with seriously good content. It’s one of the ways we give back. 

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Knowledge Seeker Membership Includes

How It Works

As a member of the Knowledge Seekers you receive the following benefits:

  • Anytime access to the Resource Collection for each of the five learning domains: Research in Fundraising, Prospect Research, Relationship Management, Fundraising Analytics, and Careers.

  • Monthly email updates sharing new resources and events.

  • Every member can ask and answer questions and share challenges and triumphs on Slack discussion channels. Not familiar with Slack? We’ve got a video tutorial to get you “slacking” in no time!